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Originally Posted by sh73888 View Post
have not messed with the block mode yet myself - and wondering if it is a useful way to maximize cpu usage??? thoughts on this carl
You know, I would suspect it doesn't affect cpu usage at all to use blocks. That said, it certainly has made me MUCH MUCH MUCH more efficient writing songs, so for me it has been a huge win.

One thing I do that *does* maximize CPU is to use send effects whenever possible. I've notice from refills (and I used to do this myself) people tend to associate the effects for a synth inside a combinator. That means, though, if you have 10 combinators you might be running 10 reverbs and 10 delays at once! So, to simplify things (and get a more unified sound) I try to just use send effects. In my opinion send effects glue the sound together more but that's just my own taste.

To be honest, I don't know anything that frees up CPU more than using send effects except maybe bouncing tracks to audio.
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