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Originally Posted by trickyflemming View Post
My company, Unfiltered Audio, was started because of the RE store.

The three of us have all done a lot of freelance work in the field of DSP. Ryan did work for Nokia and is currently helping out at Steven Slate. I sold iOS apps and have worked with a few start-ups. I was offered a job at NI working on Reaktor designs, but ended up staying in school so that I could work on my PhD.

The reason we've stayed out of the VST/AU game is mainly cost and maintenance. With the RE SDK, we're only targeting one host, and our code automatically compiles on two operating systems. Furthermore, we don't have to worry about maintaining a web store, user accounts, DRM, or testing our software on ten different hosts in three different plug-in formats for 32-bit and 64-bit. Also, anything that allows me to not have to touch the godforsaken AU SDK is great in my book.

My point is, it's not really a flood of newbies, and shouldn't be thought of as such. It still requires a massive amount of skill to create even a simple rack (between the DSP math and C++ chops).
Well said, Michael. Agree 100%!
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