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Originally Posted by HNSMuzik View Post
Quick do you make sure that you are not inserting a device in between the Master Section and the Hardware device...I guess this would make more sense to me if I knew the process of the Signal Flow within reason..
There's nothing inherently wrong with putting devices between the Main Outputs and the Hardware Interface IMO.

In fact, there is one case in particular where you WANT to insert a device between the Main Outputs and the Hardware Interface. That case is with the Ozone Maximizer when using Dither, since you don't want to do ANYTHING to your signal after adding dither. So especially for those who often end up with the master fader NOT set at 0 dB (or do fade outs), and who use the dither in Ozone instead of the built in dither, this is essential.

I'm doing all my mastering at this point in the signal chain because I'm using Ozone when mastering, and am already using the Master Insert to add side chain EQ and lookahead to the Master Compressor. :-)
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