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Multiple selected audio clip bouncing to one track.

A big time saver when editing audio clips ie vocal stems etc would be a way remove the megs from the silence by being able to edit the audio as we do into segments removing whats not needed ie space or bad takes etc and bounce that into a single track.
so if you say had three stems of say vocals that you can chop all segments remove space etc then select them all and do the same as you can in a single track and bounce them to a single track leaving the chops with no space added. as the only way now is to chop all tracks then move loop markers to each segment start end and bounce down that way which creates a seperate track each segment bounce. would be a lot easier to multi select all segments in the tracks ya want then bounc eit down into one minus how it would if you did a whole multi track bounce of segments where it will add space in the gaps.
hope this makes more sense now.
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