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Thank you Propellerhead: for reason 6.5, I have been a member since 3.5 only I was a lil geek that couldn't afford it so I kept playing around with the demo version you guys offered and holy moly u guys stepped up hardcore keep this up and "Avid" will be looking up to you guys! LOL

Soooooooooo Reason 7????? Will there be any more rack-extensions? Maybe Rack extension that Propellerhead is hiding and waiting to reveal for Reason 7????? C'mon where half way there with 6.5 just another .5! If you wanna hear the latest in the Royalty free Hip-hop sample and Dub-step tracks I made and Mixed in Reason 6.5 hit me up @

other site @

just add me as a friend on FaceBook

Much Luv