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how the hell do you get the note repeat to work right with reason!!!!???? i press 1/32 and it does 1/16 whats going on here!! anyone else have this problem or no how to fix it??
I have the same problem, nothing gets synced, no matter i do in preference or on the akai mpk49.
Tryed with my midi sapphire and plugged the akai mpk49 with it, same shit. No sync, zero nada.

And Reason 5.01 Snap does not snap, it leaves millisecond off open spot or dubble beats with end and start . Even if i cut it, still the end dubble beats with start.

I even uninstalled reason 5 and reinstalled, same thing.
What a waste of money and all the refills i bought (,_,

Btw, my akai mpk 49 have the latest firmware.