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I don't have to unplug my ignition key to use Reason with internet verification. Are you sure you need to unplug your key?
Is the reason you don't have to unplug your key because you haven't registered your license to that key? I'm a balance user and I have the same issue as the OP.

Also, I don't like just wrenching out the USB cable from balance - and I can't "Eject Balance" because Windows 7 tells me that it's in use. Windows is right, it's my primary sound device - and so the trial RE's become even more obnoxious.
As of the time of writing this, if I want to trial a RE, I have to shut down my computer, unplug balance, boot up, load reason, verify via the cloud and then plug balance back in.

That convoluted process actually makes the final step of plugging in Balance, completely redundant, as Reason will still only utilize my DX audio drivers - the result of which, is terrible latency. Here's a second vote for the Props to fix this, as the trial RE's are virtually useless to me until something changes.

Perhaps adding a menu option to "sync via cloud" would solve the problem, whilst avoiding the security issues that offline trial RE's would imply.

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