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Reason midi "take over" mode

Hi everyone,
I am currently working in a setup for a live performance using different midi controllers such as uc33 or nanokontrol.
None of this controllers have the ability to remember the position previously hold, neither on their faders nor knobs, if you are using them to control different devices.
The problem with that is tha audio keeps jumping when going from one device to another.
If I am using the BCR2000 or the Novation Nocturn this doesnt happen as they do remember the last position everytime you swap devices.
I was wondering if there is an option whenever using controllers such as thr uc33 or Nanokontrol to change the midi mode to "take over" so the message isnt actually send untill reach the previous position.
In case there isnt any would it be difficult to implement?
I am also using Reason 5.