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Originally Posted by emotica View Post
You don't synthesize a sine wave. A sine wave is one of the most basic wave-forms that most oscillators can produce.
Sorry for the subtle jokes.

I have been a registered user of Reason for 7 years, but I haven't relly been using the program for the last 6 years. It's only the last year I have started to take a look at Reason again.

The last week I have looked at the manual, some macprovideos and ODST helljumper videos and my mixes are sounding alot better. A guy told me that I probably had interfering bass and drum frequencies and he was right, and now I have started to sidechain my bass and it sounds alot better. I also used alot of tape compression and squashed the h**l out of my drums which wasn't good, and like you said I have been listening alot more when I put on new effects and turn knobs so it sounds alot better now. I'm still annoyed that the drums sound weak when I load them into the Redrum, they don't sound like that when I load them into Ableton. I don't know why it's such a huge difference but i'm sure that Propellerheads chose this approach for a reason.

I also don't know how to get any "cool" synth sounds but I will check out the manual, there's a Macpro video on Thor and I have this book called "How to become a synth wiz" so'ill guess i'll start there.

I don't know too much about EQ and Compression but I know Dance Music Production has tutorials and they are fairly priced, and the other ones I have seen are good so i'll guess I will check thos out too.

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