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Prototype is coming in the next 3 weeks

Thought myself to show you some more, as i mentioned already in my previous post it's a host for Instrument Devices and effects which can be applyed to each instrument you add into. It's also a mega sequencer which allows to sequence lfo rates, waveforms, lfo direction, amp and panning in many ways.

Furthermore you can also draw your own custom waveforms and instrument layer/combination patterns.

And you have for all more than enough patterns which are all selectable with precision . The workflow is very fast and you will stay allways flexible. Once your customize all patterns you can even try out various arrangments on the fly before you nail it in the sequencer window.

It's all ready to go and all in order for best overview, all you have to do is to select the instruments you want to use, connect their outputs into prototypes inputs, load your own patches and the fun will begin immediatly

A bigger screen is defenitly recommended !

We gonna release it in the next 3 weeks. A video manual will be included !

For those who don't know what i'm talking about, check out our youtube channel for some more videos of prototype