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Originally Posted by sh73888 View Post
I really like the percussive melody going on in 5:30ish area - I want this more often in the track... Intro should have this percussive "melody/midi" at least in some sort of percussive sounds - why not some diff ones.. which will give you more options during the rest of the track, because I really like your mixing on the drums in general, and I think more of them entirely would be good for this track - that BP dun dun dun-dun dun-dun percussion sound is really nice.. almost want a little more mid/low to it to give it some dynamic boost.. either mono it or changethe pan to something more full track like 127 or 45-64 ssl width range and maybe up the vol... ooohhhh... 3:41great pad drop sound - im picking up some 400+hz muddiness on it just a lil cut to keep the shimmer u have up top on it there. great sidechain piano melody - BRING THAT UP MORE - you have some great midi riffs in this track and I cant hear them most of the time. Because the drums are mainstaging your synth work currently - not surprised since you are def a percussion maestro, but sometimes less is more vol wise imho on the percussion or you just flat out need to raise the volume on your existing melody work cuz i heard the chord prog on the piano and the percussion midi riff i picked up were all really gabriel and dredeny - you just need to remix the levels on this imho for a fuller mix cuz this is a sick track. The vocal samples are so chill - love the scream/hp distortion thing you did with em - you should invest in a VRM box - cuz I am noticed like little frequency flaws that are barely noticeable unless I scroll through the options and I think this would undoubtedly do some real good for you.

Wow, thanks for the feedback bro. I will take some time to process all of this and try to put it to good use.