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Originally Posted by xKeMiHox View Post
This is completely unprofessional on Propellerhead's part. I can't believe this. I'm very limited in the time I have to work and I love to make music. But I can't save anything to Reason because my ignition key is not authorized. Proppelerhead website keeps on saying error every time I go to try to download Authorizer. And then when I did download it, I go to reboot Reason, and it says "ignition key not detected". I'm beyond irritated and angry. I can't believe I switched from ProTools to this shit.
Lolz.. What were you expecting to get out of Reason by switching from Pro Tools? Apples and oranges man... I love Reason and it is essential to me but as a plug-in through Pro Tools... Maybe I'm the only one who found that funny.. however I am disappointed that Propellerhead does not have phone support..