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Old School Musicians

I remember 30 years ago sitting on a grassy hillside talking to my childhood buddy's about forming a Band and what instruments to play! I know Curt said. I want to play guitar and my other friend Richard said I want to play drums. Well I sat there for a moment and said well I want to play Keyboards! So after that we all went home to tell our Parents the good new's! Well at the time we all thought it was a GREAT Idea until Mom and Dad explained the prices of things so for me Keyboards were out. ...Considering they were $2000.00 dollars or more so I got together with my buddy's back then and asked them what other instruments are there? And they replied well there is Bass Guitar. At the time I didn't even know what one was! So I went back to my Mom and Dad and told them of the new discovery and to my surprise they said Yes! And come the following Christmas I had my New Sears Bass Guitar and a 15 watt amp! What a thrill! My first song was smoke on the water by Deep Purple! My point I would Love Reason to be able to give me all the real old school ways of putting together a musical band with a Drummer a Guitar player and a Bassist and a Rhythm guitar player and Make AWESOME recordings!