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NN-Nano One Shot- OFF/Vertical Collapse

After posting in the user forum I've found that there is no way to sample with the nn-nano and have the sample only play while the pad is pressed. I would like there to be a simple one shot off button..seems like a pretty basic feature and not sure why it's not in the nano already. Either way, this is something I would like added..

Also I set up my rack in sections and it would be nice to be able to collapse the rack vertically so that I can have access to things quickly with having to scroll back and forth searching.. Not sure if that made sense but I'd like the brown bars to touch when I collapse a rack vertically and be able to label them, drums/vocals/etc.. would be nice to be able to group the mixer channels too.. so that I don't have to scroll over 30 channels bc I wanna turn down the volume on 1 sound... maybe some kinda tab system.. and of course an "all channels"tab but being able create a group that I can tab to quickly for mixing would be wonderful.. anyway.. hope this gets read and people like my ideas...