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Originally Posted by RXTX View Post
For mono REX loops, you can use up to 8 external outputs. For stereo REX loops, you can use up to 4 pairs of outputs.

If you need more outputs, I guess you'll have to use multiple Dr. Octorexes with the same loop loaded.

Or... try panning the slices so pair 1-2 means slice 1 = full left, slice 2 = full right, and rig up output 1 to left in channel 1 of mix14:2, output 2 to left in channel 2 of same mix14:2.... pair 3-4 to pan left/right, channel 3 L, channel 4 L of mix 14:2... so you can do it that way.

A good tip though.... if you have similar sounds (say a drum loop) so 2 snare slices sound the same, rig them through the same output on the DrOctoRex, so you 'save' another channel, why else have 2 channels for the same 'drum'? can do it with hats too...

You can also do all this with NNXT sampler, import Rex file into it like a sample, select all the keyranges, arrange chromatically so 'mirrors' a DrRex setup, drop another copy into a new DrRex, tell DrRex to copy to track, move MIDI clip to NNXT, delete DrRex and voila.... done.

In NNXT you could also 'double up' the rex slices, shift the whole lot over again (say if you have C1 to G2 reserved for your Rex file, you could duplicate the zones, move them up to C3 to G4, and set all so they play backwards) - that way you could do a few more tweaks with 'set 2' of the same loop and slices without interfering with the original... or you could mangle both in NNXT and load up DrRex as a side companion... or Kong em up too...

Sooo many options the beauty of racks