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Buzzing issue

I'm not certain if this is a problem with Reason or not, but I'll do my best to explain.

I had an issue with my "computer running too slowly" in Reason, so I backed up all of my music on an external, and deleted it off my hard drive. This helped with the computer running too slow issue, and am still experiencing my original issue.

When I'm playing back a song while creating, I'll get a "buzzing" sound that comes out of my speakers. This generally happens when I'm near clipping. It's short, and lasts only a second or two, but it keeps happening. I can still hear most of the sound, but it is distorted slightly, and is rather annoying. I've never had this issue until recently upgrading to 6.0

I turned my speakers off and ran the sound through my interface and headphones, and still experienced the same issue, so my first guess is that it is a problem with my interface, and not my speakers.

Can anyone provide some further insight?

I'm using a Presonus Audiobox, and never had this issue in Reason 5.