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Originally Posted by Dogboy1973 View Post
So how does the pricing work here? Could it be that people will see Antidote as a huge bargain & buy it over Synapse's other devices?
They might! Although I note that you can't access Antidote's filter, at the moment, and it has no ring modulator, so those REs are still unique. Plus, "based on" may not mean an exactly equivalent duplication inside Antidote. But it may be good enough for many folks. Back when I was buying hardware, it was a hell of a lot more economical to buy a multi-effects box than a lot of standalone devices.

(Edit: It occurs to me that having the standalones offers more routing choices. Perhaps for some reason you'd want to put the distortion after the reverb. Not a standard usage, but who knows. You'd have to either load up two Antidotes just to do that - or bring in a DR unit. Same with any order of devices not chained as shown on the Antidote front panel...)

Consider this: Predator also has a bank of FX that you can feed audio through, and it's priced at about $120. To be a competitor to Predator, Antidote either has to display overwhelming superiority in some way, or keep its price in the same range, to be a viable alternate choice. Another factor for anyone else making synths for Reason: do they dare to price a synth over $120? Will they feel they have to keep that price or under to be competitive? Or will they try to bring in something extremely unique and unusual, or pack in a large amount of extra features, to justify a higher cost? (Or, give up trying to make a synth RE at all?)
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