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How can you not like U2 Carl?! I feel like they are definitely an influence of yours based on the songs youve had up on here thus far, especially the depeche like stuff, similar era. But irregardless, really glad that I could bring you over to the light side lol.

About the autotune - completely agree. The orig pella from her was autotuned by this other guy, so I didnt have any choice, although it makes life easier when it comes to making sure it sounds all in key etc.

Thats all predRE on this track basically. some of the build stuff is thor/subtract but otherwise all pred so the 2/3rd part youre talking about can be created on your end with some manipulation of some of the pred presets - i found some i liked and just tweaked em til it worked for my usage.

I tried to give the track a little more of a current tint to it although I suppose the vocal itself kinda makes it hard to be too current lol. But I got no prob with 90s so I will take that Carl!

Thanks for the comment ps "this song is like so bitchin. totally." - please elaborate lmaoooo who said this to u and when/where