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Originally Posted by something View Post
I don't see any value in your idea, but you can buy Rack Extensions like the PDT2 to setup something similar.
In fact you can set it up unlimited as you can create unlimited ReDrums (which does not only drum as you can load up any wave file, thus sounds as well) and add PDT2's to these ReDrums.
Then you can randomly (set percentages) for each line in a Redrum, and to make it even more weird you can trigger the Cv level with the PDT2 as well, like if you set that to control a pitch it will create weird sounds.

More info regarding PDT2 here
Thanks for the feedback. I think I'd rather use the modules we already have (like Redrum and Kong) , than have to branch out and learn and pay for yet another one. I already have a dangerously excessive free refill, sample and VST collection!

My collecting binge has got in the way of my making music and I am trying to use what I already have instead of acquiring more!

I am curious why you don't see any value in it. Is there lliterally nobody else out there who wants to click a button or run a script and end up with a unique drum kit or synth combination they can save and make an existing midi drum track they have sound quirky, unique or just plain awesome via a happy accident? Just curious.

I'll check PDT2 out anyway. Thanks.