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Talking PsyTale - Masters of Eden (Original)

After working hard on this track for many years I have decided to putt up the final version of the track. I have released quite some testversions in the past but now I decided its time to show the world what can be done in reason! Just focus and don't loose your goals out of sight.

[Masters of Eden?]
Masters of Eden is the beginning of a story about the Masters of Eden, these 3 masters rules life as we know it. They all have a special trade. In 4 tracks I will tell their story.

We start with the first story, the story about the master of Evil. Let yourself be sucked into the world of pain, horror, agony and retrieve relief. Set free your soul, sit back and enjoy the ride!

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Its been fully made in Reason and only Ozone RE and ReQ131 RE were used. The rest is oldskool reason.

Genre: PsyTrance
Time: 6:46
BPM: 144-150
Composer: Taco Schepp
Copyright: 2012 - Audios Media

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