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Originally Posted by rlubeck View Post
A mix needs to be able to breathe.

1. Use only high-quality sounds/samples.

2. Pre-gain your channels before even touching the faders.

3. Don't mud things up, give each element in your track its own space in the mix (HPF/LPF filters/EQ, pan, compress, sidechain fx/sounds etc.).

4. Don't overcrowd your mix, sometimes less is more.

4. Some of this can't be avoided, but don't try to mix (or master) too much during production, finish your work first.

5. Drop all faders after step 4 and slowly re-introduce each channel one by one for a balanced result. You will probably have many channels running too hot without realizing it during production.

5. Master after step 5.

Invest in a good monitoring system, audio interface and educate yourself on everything audio, mix and mastering processes.
Thanks rlubeck.