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the subtractor is such a device.
the PH-presets all sound the same .. but it can be much much more

I do not know Andrew Bayer.
Adam Bayer to me is known (drumcode).

and correct. to get color (or room), you need a lot of EQ's
at the moment the UHE-Q is the measure of all things, for me..
the reason M-Class does not coloring the sound as well..
with this EQ I often had the feeling it just destroyed the sound.
make it like an Mp3.. i dont know..
with the hardware in my past I never had a lot of EQ's..
mostly I've used inputs of synthesizers..
i had only one DBX 31 band and an Behringer Tube EQ..
However, my Soundcraft Spirit Studio LE had really ingenious EQ'q..
jesus.. they sounded like cream..

yes, and last night I tried out the echo.
after an hour I went to the basement.
attached two tracks on a USB stick (wet and dry).

then I have the UAD Roland RE-201 and EP-34 Tape Echo Plugin compared with the reason Echo... this was not a good idea

the echo plugin is good. but the other two are much better..