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Originally Posted by joeyluck View Post
The general forum seems like a legit place to post—
Good luck on your search.
Yah, that was exactly my thinking. Thanks, I ended up snagging my copy at KVR for $90. Prob not the best price possible but I wasn't trying to spend days waiting for a steal to come along.

@reasoner498, oh I didn't mean to insinuate that you thought I wasn't aware. I was brusk.

I totally enjoy using the VST way more than the RE. The fun factor is really important to me, but also because I wasn't particularly interested in making combinators out of it since it basically already does everything. And I wanted a super-flexible megasynth that would integrate better in Ableton 8 than Rewired devices do. Conversely, I plan on buying Antidote when my trial is up so that I can have a crystal clear analog synth (ala Ableton's Analog) in the Reason rack!

So... yeah this thread is now pointless. But thanks anyways guys :P