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Learning to play ..... Again!

Every so often I get the strong urge to have another crack at learning to play keyboards/ piano. Usually something starts me off like seeing someone else play, or getting a new synth (in this case it's Antidote) that makes me hungry to learn again. But I always struggle with this. In the past I've taken piano lessons, bought books on music theory, scales, chords etc, tried self teaching, ear training (which i was pretty good at up to a point) But I never seem to get anywhere! I get a lot of the theory but I seem to have a mental block putting it into practice! Ive tried learning scales/chords but I end up making music I don't like!

So what to do! Ultimately I'd like to be able to transcribe ideas I get in my head. But I'd love to be able to play with even a basic level of confidence as well. I feel I need a new approach though as piano lessons learning 'merrily we roll along' and 'Michael row your boat ashore' bored me senselessly + I just didn't feel like I was really anything! Any thoughts, ideas, advise, pearls of encouragement please? Or is it just that some people are not meant to do this kind of thing?

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