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Originally Posted by devilfish View Post
raise to 12 knobs and buttons !!!
Originally Posted by dub08 View Post
+1 for bigger combi or more controls.

Props, Just make the knobs and buttons twice as small if you need to!! I don't use my "real" hands to turn them anyway.
Originally Posted by Djjimmyc View Post
Agree with the extra controls....always wanting another bank of knobs/buttons!

I'd also like to able to have a seperate audio 'key' input on the combi.
Just that i have a few patches that employ an external source to make them do their thing and i hate seeing EXTERNAL ROUTING on the combi
Originally Posted by JakTheStripper View Post
I agree completely. 8 knobs and buttons would probably take care of most of my needs. It would also be nice if you could decide between a knob or fader. It also wouldn't hurt to add a meter/display on the front that could be fed audio or CV data (would be incredibly useful for dynamics effect combis).
Originally Posted by rlubeck View Post
Good suggestion Charly.
Originally Posted by joshuajohn89 View Post
I have you covered, charly.

Attached is an empty combinator making use of Thor's buttons & rotaries as additional combinator controls. For rotary assignments use CV inputs 1 & 2 as your source in the combinator's modulation matrix, and CV inputs 3 & 4 for buttons.

I hope you find this useful.
Originally Posted by mac0123 View Post
theres enough nobs in this world to be adding any more ! ooops sorry you said knobs my bad yes m8 my thought before was a open combi where you can add howmany dials and buttons as and when needed would make more sense as an add feature to me . add knob add button and not limmiting you to a set amount with in "reason" that is not totaly unlimmited lol.

thanks guys I hope we get that in seven , it would be cool to keep the 4 knobs combi and to have a 2nd 8 knobs one .

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