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Originally Posted by redronnie1963 View Post
Thanks for the feedback. I think I'd rather use the modules we already have (like Redrum and Kong) , than have to branch out and learn and pay for yet another one. I already have a dangerously excessive free refill, sample and VST collection!

My collecting binge has got in the way of my making music and I am trying to use what I already have instead of acquiring more!

I am curious why you don't see any value in it. Is there lliterally nobody else out there who wants to click a button or run a script and end up with a unique drum kit or synth combination they can save and make an existing midi drum track they have sound quirky, unique or just plain awesome via a happy accident? Just curious.

I'll check PDT2 out anyway. Thanks.


Well a RE such as the PDT2 doesn't make any sounds from itself, it triggers other devices such as the Redrum to generate these sounds.
Actually you can see it as a randomizer for devices like Redrum.
You set the percentage and the PDT2 calculates when it should trigger Redrum to play a sound.
I watched the 2 small video's on its salespage in the Propellerhead RE shop and downloaded the trial version and within 10 minutes you know how it works.
OchenK explains it very easy and plain simple, which i personally prefer.