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Smile Show connected device, Show all connected devices?

Currently we have Right click - Scroll to connected device.

It would be nice, to have the option see all connected devices in a animated video, (Scroll to connected Mix Channel,) because at the moment if you want to follow the audio signal and there is a ton of wires (even reduced clutter K) it can be time consuming and cumbersome.

So for example, I right click on a Kong's outputs and choose Scroll to connected Mix Channel, and a short animated sequence starts following the cables from audio source (Instrument) to destination (Mix channel) Would be cool of it named the devices along the way!!!!

Real world examples, quickly understanding complex audio routing in a combinator patch you just loaded, or perhaps your upgrading your .RNS files and would love a few extra mix channels without having to spend ages in cable sugary following the signal!!!

Would be a fantastic feature!!!!

Many Thanks :-)