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I own Reason 6.5 already, and just bought Balance. (A few questions)


I am a Reason 6.5 user. I just bought Balance with Reason Essentials yesterday at GC because I need a new audio interface, like the Balance, and wanted something nice, as I don't buy audio interfaces very often. Anyway, it is still in the box, and I want to approach everything correctly. In addition, I have learned that I can gift my Reason Essentials license to a friend, which I want to do (related question here as well). So here are my questions:

1. What do I need to do before I plug the Balance in? Do I need to enter the authorization code that is included on the Reason Essentials DVD sleeve that came with in the box? Do I need to do anything license-related because I am going to start using the Balance as my audio interface with my existing Reason 6.5?

2. My friend lives in an area where internet is very bad/non-existant. If I am gifting the Reason Essentials license that came with my Balance to him, is there any way he is going to be able to work off-line, since the Balance serves as an authorization dongle? Is there any way of aquiring an authorization key for this license? Is there any other workaround for this problem so he can work offline? I have my current authorization key(in addition to the Balance), which I want to keep for instances where I might record mobile with another interface, but also have an even older authorization key from an older Reason version that I could potentially transfer the Essentials authorization over to and give to my friend... not sure if this is possible.

Anyway, I have been forum/FAQ digging for a while, and haven't found anyone talking about this senario. Any feedback would be most appreciated. I have been bad at optimising my Reason upgrades for a cost-efficiency standpoint, and would at least like to save my friend some dough if I can. Thanks for your time.