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Is RE technology inferior to VST? (My talk with iZotope’s support)

I noticed at the VST version of iZotope Ozone Maximazer there are three IRC modes while in Reason’s RE version are only two.

IRC modes are absolutely great, the second is better than the first but it uses more CPU and causes more latency. Not a big deal when you only use it for mastering…

In the VST version the third mode (IRC III)is better than all and it uses even more CPU power but with awesome results!

I wondered why the heck as a Reason user and owner of Ozone Maximazer RE I could not have the benefits of the third IRC III mode… So I mailed iZotope asking them how come this thing happens and asked them for an update that includes the IRC III mode.

I want to share with you the answer they gave me:


Thanks for this feedback. We do appreciate the feedback and I will forward this information to our product managers and developers directly for their consideration.

Please do note that this performance restriction comes from the actual proprietary plug-in format specifications created by Propellerheads directly. We do understand the benefit of balancing CPU performance with regards to audio processing quality in specific situations, which is why we implement higher quality algorithms in Ozone 5, at the cost of CPU usage more than typical plug-ins, as it is designed as a Mastering plug-in.

To my knowledge, the Rack Extension plug-in format is designed with the intent to have very high stability and usability across a variety platforms and systems. With these performance restrictions, we are currently unable to implement the IRC III algorithm into this specific plug-in format.''

What does this means? We will never have a high algorithm quality in Reason because developers want it to be stable? Are there crucial restrictions to RE format?

Is RE technology inferior to VST?

I am hoping for an answer because I am really curious!

***Btw if you own Ozone Maximazer mail iZotope and ask them for an update that includes IRC III mode, it’s a must-have because basically is the soul of this plugin, what makes it special.


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