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Smile New Rack Extension Ideas

Rack Extensions are Great but I think we have enough synth and dance music sounds. We need Propellerhead to get Yamaha to make a Motif Rack extension and Korg to Make a Triton Rack extension. That would be awesome. If you get that, I Think that would be a huge game Changer for Reason users.

Oh yeah Please guys get a new draw and pencil tool so I can draw out my snare rolls easier like In Fl-Studio. I Think Fl-Studio's Pencil tool in the Piano Roll is the easiest to draw out complicated snare rolls and drum parts. If you guys can get that kind of tool action going, and get a Triton RE and a Motif RE Reason will take over The industry. It will make all the Daw's out there go back to the lab to rethink there product. Peace.