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Originally Posted by djsuk View Post
I love rebirth but the rebirth input machine doesnt work with my system win 7. I wasnt that impressed with abl2 but antidote does a pretty amazing 303. How did you get rebirth to work with your system. I had to change a file name to get rebirth to work and rebirth input machine cant find it. I like the 808 and 909 as well in rebirth.
Yeah I had loads of trouble shoot problems initially on my Vista and Windows 7 PC's trying to set it up.

But these 2 walkthroughs sorted it for me.

Reason- Rebirth Input 1

Windows Help Program (Winhelp32.Help)

I had to read them and re-read them several times to get it in to my thick-ish skull.

There are a lot of Windows Admin settings you have to change on the win.32 help file. So read it carefully.

All in all, the Input machine is OK, but I believe an imroved intergrated version of Rebirth as an RE, would be much better....