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Originally Posted by rogerlevy View Post
If "MIDI" connections can be done without cables, it's better. My racks get cluttered enough. Besides, they can't add this feature in retrospect, they would have to redesign every last device. Waste of development time.

They could add it as a feature of the Combinator. "Receive MIDI from Device" dropdown on each device.
Considering that to me it seems (almost) obvious that they WILL re-design every last device to make them compatible with the Rack Extensions format (reading between the lines on that, to be sure), then it's already "wasted development time" (or it's not wasted development time, depending on your point of view!).

But I also agree that this could be addressed by a new Combinator, and that this is also where any "note based" effects could be implemented IMO (which is how I've felt for a while now). :-)
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