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Sugar Bytes Guitarist RE Please

There are so many great RE's coming out. I have purchased several. However when I saw that first video with all the people saying how cool it would be to make something for Reason, I checked all the companies out. I got Predator from Rob amazing and so fun. I had to wait and wait but now I am making use of his great program.
However I am still missing my fondest wish, a port of GUITARIST for Reason Rack Extension. There has been no hint that this will happen. I just hope Sugar Bytes can make it happen. The rack seems like a natural home for this great looking product. The Sugar Bytes program could be the center of my Reason world easily.
So many of the songs in my head could use a GUITARIST. How much better if the GUITARIST could send time, pitch and velocity signals to other members of the rack or Combinator.
Everyone knows this is a match made in heaven I am begging on hopeful knee.