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So this is what Mastering does!!

Hi everyone.

A sound engineer who is trying to get his new mastering business off the ground, contacted me and offered to master one of my tracks in exchange for using before/after samples in his publicity.

I chose Natural Progression, my first (hint hint) collaboration with Carl Grace.

The engineer (A New Zealand based guy trading as Greenwood Audio) told me to remove all effects from the master buss, tweak a few levels and reduce the overall level because the original track was clipping, then sent him a 96kHz, 24bit WAV file to work on.

It took a couple of iterations for me to get the raw track right for him to master, here's the end result:

Apologies for the big preamble - I just found the process very interesting - it opened my eyes to the realm of mixing and mastering. So much to learn, so little time :-)

Anyway - I promised the engineer I'd give him feedback on his work, so will pass on any comments anyone here shares.