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Originally Posted by rogerlevy View Post
I guess you brought up some things I hadn't learned about VST's yet.

Well, time will tell about RE tech. I think I'm OK with RE being behind for the time being, it's new. And I'm new to plugins anyway so I don't mind starting with the basics along with it. So I guess that's why I don't care as much. But again, we'll see what happens.
I assumed as much. If you go check out some vsts that are out there you will at times be amazed at the limitations that Reason and the RE format does to you. I felt the same way you do years ago and I had only dealt with a lot of early vsts at the time outside of seeing a couple newer ones here and there that weren't all that impressive for me. Now that I have gone all the way in and use both I see a ton of stuff in vst that I like and others that I do not. One thing for sure though is I am glad that the format is a lot more stable now than it was in 2004 when I was using them regularly before saying screw these unstable things. I came back to vst a year ago and many of them are just as stable as Reason.