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Originally Posted by Dogboy1973 View Post
........ And another thing - my kids (twin boys aged 2 next week) have 'The Wiggles' DVD on 24/7!! It's driving me up the wall and now I have all those bloody tunes in my head, violating my own stuff! I need to get them their own TV and DVD player and lock them in a room to give myself some respite from 'here comes a bear', 'hugging up the big monkey man', 'loop-de-doo' and other memorable (sic) Wiggles numbers!

Kids music can be very inspiring. Once I showed my son, that you can play jewish harp in Reason . I wrote a short Hungarian melody into Reason and let it play with a Rex loop. His face fell, I liked it too. When everything goes well, I'll finish the track this week and put it on Soundcloud.
So cheer up!