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do you think : HipHop,Gangsta rap,trap etc... are fake these days ?

Hello everyody, I lissen to rap since 1991 well a bit before but my first CD was ICE-T (OG) before that it was more run-dmc on the Radio and I have lived the times when you had to lissen to the real stuff no matter the styll of Rap otherwise you was going back home with no kicks and a black eye
Is it me that got 2much hate or the industrial producers killed the Real hiphop and also the gangster rap ?
I know that in America the Real Gangster music and the Real Hip Hop is still alive in the hoods and even if they really dont have the same message it's the real struggle of the street life that import in the message and how to get out of this by staying real that make it real that is why you can have artistes from both styll hooking up from time 2 time.
I think the Beats these days are cool but it's the all concept of realness that is almost dead and even if times did change a bit I'm ready to go to war not to have a cop or a joker saying I'm real or I'm a gangster or even more dramatic I'm 2pac.
what do you think ? I'm going mad ? is it the Labels that sold there soul for sale or is it the suppose keepers of the game that did not teach there class?

It's like gambling !!!
but you get something out the slot everytime you click ! lol


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