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what i want on the new propellerhead reason 7


Grouping events and editing across multiple tracks has never been easier. By utilizing the new multitrack editing feature set you can cut, fade and trim multiple tracks at once. All events included in a group folder are physically handled as one single track. Plus, the advanced transient detection function detects hits of percussive audio material in next to no time.
editing of automation data is even more intuitive. Besides a streamlined “look and feel”, scaling and trimming of selected automation data can be done by using edit points within the selected range. The automation pass can be resized both in length and in amplitude — even proportional.
mp3 imports and outposts
(VST) is an interface for integrating software audio synthesizer and effect plugins with audio editors and hard-disk recording systems. VST and similar technologies use digital signal processing to simulate traditional recording studio hardware with software. Thousands of plugins exist, both commercial and freeware, and VST is supported by a large number of audio applications. 20 free free rack extensions when upgrading.