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Producers Help Please

Couple of questions guys, having a bit of trouble getting my levels correct, all sounds good on monitors, but when i play back on other systems, my bass for instance is a lot quieter hardly noticeable, and fx far too loud.

When i playback through monitors on soundcloud, youtube, Mp3, it sounds good. But then transfer it to hifi, or van, or listen to soundcloud through phone it sounds like levels are all over, where as i can listen to a cd, and all tunes i can hear everything correct, so what am i doing wrong

Has anyone any advice or tricks they used to get used to the monitors, its pissing me off

Secondly, what DB should i be exporting my track to wav at, because mine sound really quiet

Cheers peeps, any help really appreciated

This is track im stuck on, Ive turned up the bass, but sounds too loud on my monitors lol, i cant win

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