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I should also point out a couple of little things in case you really want to make sure you have it exactly right.

There is an effect (I think it was a reverb/delay if I remember correctly) recorded into the vocal track on the "it's hard to forgive" lines that makes hard to tell for sure what is being said. It also sounds a little like "it's hard to forget" and in fact it *could* even be a combination of the two and an intentional blurring of the word, but I'm not sure.

I went with "forgive" because that's what it sounds most like to me.

Also at the beginning, "I kept my head high not to lose myself" is what it sounds like, but "I kept my head high enough to lose myself" also makes sense there, it's a bit more natural sounding sentence, and it's similar enough that it could be the right lyric.

The T sound from the "to" after it is what makes it difficult to tell. The "t" in "not", if it actually is there, is not emphasized. If you sing "not to" and try to make a distinct and clear T sound at the end of "not" you'll see why.

So what I posted before is still my best guess at it, but you might want to solo the vocal track, take off the effects and listen to it yourself too, and then judge those two questionable bits for yourself.