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Originally Posted by mmj85 View Post
I see where ur coming from when u say ur an engineer and that it would be boring if there was nothing to fix. What i think is that the PH's are holding back on the issue on making Reason run efficiently with Multi Cores! They seem to be in a verge of creating that dream come true for us but will not tell us until they feel that special moment is right.
Thats very hard to do generally as Reason has one global signal flow and needs to get all samples out within (buffer size) time. Also no DAW really has live multithreading. If you put e.g. Logics channels in "live mode" (so that its comparable to Reason) Logic also only uses one CPU. They can "cheat" cause every channel is a separate "universe" that can be pre-computed, multithreaded, even sent to another computer to be computed there. So only if the single plugins/effects have a chance to multithread efficiently internally they will benefit, not much Reason per se can do there unless it checks your signal flow and makes the threading dependent on interconnections. In that case the distribution across CPU cores would be quite unpredictable and for some setups it would never happen.
Think about it: the signal flow is sequential, each device first has to compute the sound, then the next device has to compute on top of that, not much one can do in parallel there
Plugin latency issues? Phasing on parallel channels? Want to know the real latency of your audio interface? Try the VMG-01!
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