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New release - Download problems again.

Ive tried both the logged in download link and the open link on the downloads page and the big and small files multiple times and days. I get to somewhere between 60 and 300MB before it says the download has completed with a corrupt zip file. I have tried two different machines and 3 browsers. Propellerhead is the only site where i have this problem. Typically a week or two after the new release I can get the download but its irritating and bandwidth wasting (i have a bandwidth cap where i have to pay more).

Is there a caching server somewhere that has incomplete files initially ? Can the file be put on an ftp site ? Can the Props just issue patches for bugs instead of reloading everything ?

Last time I gave up on DSL and used my mobile phone (which worked) but with 4G plans everyone is introducing data caps of 2GB and a 1GB file for bug fixes is nuts.