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I would hope so. Its about as basic and necessary of a function a DAW can have. That's why its a little disconcerting that they would not include this.

Propheads are brilliant and therefore it seems to me that the exclusion of this feature was a conscious decision (also, in a Gary Bohman mixing video he addresses the issue in a not so positive light, and it sounds to me like its some irrational adherence to the limitations of the hardware it was modeled after, or some such hardware).

While I have great faith in propheads' astute well thought-out reasoning, GIVE US GROUPS PLEASE OBI-WAN!! We shouldnt have to live w/o it. No one else does.

Please include faders in your next update. The reason community would greatly appreciate it. The inability to do this is very hindering.

Thank you for listening & thank you for your reply Selig.