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Prototype live performance arrangement (Demo)

Prototype live performance arrangement (Demo)

This demo is showing a live performance arrangement with 5 of 24 free customizable Instrument layer patterns.

Further more it's showing some various possibility's like manual filter lfo & custom filter wave form modulations and also step sequencer runs.

8 added Instruments can be modulated independently of each other with the rotarys. Also all sequencing and custom filter wave form patterns related to their instruments can be selected with the rotary's, all on the fly !

The modulated sound sources you hear in this demo are two Thor, two Antitode devices and a audio drum track.

You can also use it as soundesign tool, as rex loop slice replacer and create complex Filter modulation sequences easily and in any length for each instrument.

All you have to do is to add any instruments of your choice into just one combinator of Prototype and wire their audio outs into prototypes inputs. Prototype has also a insert FX section to create FX chains for each instrument. It's all kept in order for the best overview, on and in prototype !

Enjoy watching and see what's possible with single note riffs on just one midi channel and imagine what you could do with 8 instruments and if you mapped the key's additional..