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Ignition Key makes nice workflow impossible

Hello,, as a fan and supporter of Reason i purchased my Reason update about a month ago. I was shocked in the beginning about the new Ignition key but still thought I will give it a go.. Working on just one computer (MAC) basically works okish.. Still I had issues that suddenly the ignition key doesn´t find my purchased licenses anymore and I had to get them back online ... VERY STRANGE!!!
Now back in the studio I suddenly I have the same issue on my Desktop... WTF !!!! ????

This is not what I need from a software which I use for my live sets and concerts !!!

I want an uncomplicated and easy on the side Rewire solution..

Very sorry but after many years my relationship to Reason most probably must come to an end.. I can´t always rely on Internet connections before playing concerts.. It´s far too risky ..

It´s sad that buying clients, user and supporters get punished like that.. And no.. I don´t need an extra soundinterface called Balance or anything.. I need a good working solid software. It makes me sad to come to this conclusion but this policy must change.