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I think you already understood in the other thread why the Props would not be able to offer us any REs if they had no copy protection.. These kinds of threads baffle me, how can you be so demanding without even knowing or thinking about the implications? As a Prop, my answer (even if I wouldn't give it to you like this) would be: "Okay, get happy with some other DAW and VSTs with their multitude of copy protection systems." Cause from how you put things, you will have to abandon Reason anyway as the REs are here to stay. I guess some people would also personally come to your home and kill you if the Props really did what you suggest here ^^

Also, if the RE is not installed on your computer theres no way you can get around downloading it anyway.. As you said you have to download them again I guess thats what happened.. Or do you think VSTs magically install themselves on your Laptop when you install them on your PC? In Reason its at least just one click to install all plugins, try that in a VST host or ProTools. Heck for ProTools 9 I even have a complete separate computer with its setup from 2006 in my studio cause updating it to PT10 with all features just doesn't work. Now I have one PC for 9 and one for 10, great.
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