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Well i can see both sides of this. I am a touring musician and understand that when you are touring the last thing you want to deal with is your gear when you have been using it a million times over not having problems and then your back stage chatting it up and doing your part as the musician to be social .. then you have a freak attack because you go to check your setup and somethings up.. or at sound check when you have 30 mins to dial it in and you have to find wifi and some venues dont have wifi where the stage is .. festivals are even worse.............

but on the other in the my studio , why would i need that now? right you wouldn't. since you are in your comfort zone so to speak.

so its easy to say f)(@^#&k that you dont need it. but on the other hand there are some extremely valid arguments to the dongle being a pain in the balls.. i definitely felt this when i forgot to update my dongle before playing last week and had to do this same run around.

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