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Originally Posted by Cacophony37 View Post
Um, so how do I go 64-bit WITHOUT buying another laptop? is that possible?
You can probably buy a Win 7 or 8 64 bit upgrade disk.

Make sure your audio driver and midi controller has 64 bit drivers and you should be fine with Reason (most do now).

Also u need a 64 bit processor which u should have already unless your PC is very old Pentium 4 or lesser.

Most CPUs went 64 bit around 2005 or 2006.

Your biggest ball of confusion will come if you use other programs other than Reason to do music.

Some DAWS haven't went 64 bit yet (many have though).

VSTs are further behind. A lot of VSTs lack 64 bit versions so u will need to do some research. Some VST hosts allow you to run 32 bit VSTs in 64 bit mode but IMO doing this can be buggy.

I have been on 64 bit since 2010. Windows 7 btw. Even using 32 bit hosts in a 64 bit os will give u some improvements since then you would be able to use the maximum of 4 gigs for the 32 bit host program and your OS can use your remaining ram.

If you do upgrade I would go with at least 8 gigs.

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