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Originally Posted by wkeever View Post
Why did you eat 29c packets of noodles to survive?
Why not just steal some filet mignon?
That would be more justifiable than stealing software.

Going legit is just doing what you (and the OP, and everyone else) should've done all along. No congratulations are in order.

That's like saying, I've been beating my wife for 5 years, and I decided to stop today, and then expecting people to pat you on the back. And then bragging about it on a website dedicated to protecting women.

Sorry, if I am too blunt. But threads like this are ridiculous to me.

I was using my legit copy of version 3.0 when version 5 was out because I couldn't afford the upgrade.
It wasn't until 6.0 came out that I had the funds to upgrade. And so I did. If you want to use the software but don't want to pay for it, Reason has provided you with a ridiculously functional demo version. Use that.
It can only be stolen of it was a boxed copy.

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