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I use Reason 5, Csound and Audacity and I'm interested in either Pro Tools or Cubase when I'm more confident with my work (can Pro Tools ReWire to Reason?). Also interested in everything to do with Native Instruments. Interested in learning FAUST and Pure Data. heard about Project5 from Cakewalk. Heard better things about Fruity Loops than I gave it credit for (who creates professional software and gives it a name like Fruity Loops? honestly!)

I'm a computer programmer and one day I might want to create my own software so I get my hands on as much as I can and obsereve software that has already been created.
In 2011 I was trying to remember C++, then I learned more about Csound, then I learned some Java and now I'm finishing an online course involving Python. Final exam is on November 18th.